This is the Melchior Family home on the web.  We are a blended family with two offspring, plus three grandchildren, one in Kentucky and two in Delafield, Wisconsin.


Ed works at UW- Milwaukee, where he is responsible for the PAWS, Data Warehouse, and Database Administrator staff.

Ed cooks quite a bit, and his baking skills are enjoyed by family and co-workers – oatmeal cookies and blueberry kuchen are two favorites.  His pizza also gets rave reviews by family.  He also enjoys woodworking, is a past and future bicyclist, likes making beer, and is a fanatical reader of speculative fiction.


Donna works at Johnson Controls, where she helps the company stay consistent in financial practices across computer systems and across national boundaries.  She  currently is assigned to the Automotive separation from JCI. Donna is an avid crafter.  She is extremely proficient at knitting, loves drawing, and is developing her skills at card-making and some scrapbooking.  Just don’t call her a “cropper”.  Donna is an avid reader of mysteries and historical fiction.  She also collects stamps, coins, and technological gadgets.

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